Dr. Nanayaa Bates

Dr. Bates

Dr. Nanayaa Bates, Phd has a doctorate in regenerative medicine from Queen Mary University. Her career has been focused on implants to improve tissue repair, e.g cardiac, connective tissues and skin. As a material specialist, she identifies biomaterials (natural and synthetic) to promote healing.

In 2014, Nanayaa started a company in London Ayewa Aberfur (Pot science), researching tropical ingredients for skin therapy. She formulated in her shed at her London home for 2 years before opening a research and formulation centre with Green-Gro Ltd in Ghana. The ingredients are all sourced locally from farmers and Ghanaian companies, and we employ young scientists to learn traditional formulation methods. The combination of traditional and new scientific processes creates products that are effective and stable.

Nanayaa and Phillomina (CEO of Green-Gro) continue to research tropical ingredients to replace chemical products.Together, they have produced all-natural and organic products for skin care, pet care and organic farming input. They believe it is time for Africans and the rest of the world to return to a clean and chemical-free life.

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Philomina Brittain

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